Are you lost between lash enhancement, bending, Lash lift? No stress, I explain everything!

It's simple Lash Lift, recourbement de cils, rehaussement de cils is exactly the same. With a 2-step process + dyeing.

The novelty is the Lash Filler which is a 3rd step just sublimate and strengthen your eyelashes.

To put it simply, I decided to keep the name of RECOURBEMENT DE CILS or LASH LIFT in English.


Lash lift is a perfect alternative to eyelash extensions. This treatment requires no maintenance or frequent retouching and is otherwise, it is compatible with sports people, adapted sauna & steam room, lens holder and you can use all the make-up and make-up removal products you want!


It is an innovative treatment that combines an aesthetic result with a real care for your eyelashes. It is the only one in the world (nowadays) tested clinically for its effectiveness on the bending of natural eyelashes and in the thickening of eyelashes.

We can see an increase in the diameter of natural eyelashes on average 24% (in 3 treatments), an increase in the curvature of natural eyelashes of an average of 31% (in a single treatment).

For an optimal effect it is advisable to repeat the first 3 treatments after 5 weeks maximum.


The realization of your lash lift is personalized (curvature, color) and therefore adapts to women as men.


The products are manufactured integrally in Europe (Italy) which is a guarantee of quality, from refined and balanced substances and not tested on animals.


Duration of treatment: 50min / Hold 5 to 8 weeks / Price 75 € dye included


Your appointment

It is important to come to your appointment with perfectly cleansed eyes from the day before. If you wear contact lenses, plan to remove them before treatment.


After treatment

during the first 48 hours it is essential and this in order not to mitigate the effect of the care of ...

- Do not wet or rub your eyelashes (no swimming)

- Do not apply mascara or cream on your eyelashes.

- Avoid swimming

- During the first 72 hours avoid the steam room, sauna or facial Vaposone


Pregnancy & breastfeeding

Eyelash enhancement is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However your body in full hormone production and care might be less spectacular.


After, no more constraints!

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