You are a convinced follower or you have a thousand questions before succumbing, here is something to see more clearly ...


There are two techniques in laying eyelash extensions,

Russian Volume and Eyelash.


The technique of the Russian volume, consists of sticking bouquets of 2 extensions and more, on a single eyelash. The extensions used for the Russian volume are very

thin and flexible, you will not feel any discomfort. The rendering of

Russian volume is more dense and gives a nice effect of slightly

to very sophisticated depending on the desired result.


The eyelash eyelash technique involves placing 1 extension on a

only eyelash The extensions used are thicker than for

the Russian volume. The rendering of eyelash eyelash is more natural and

is more like mascara.


In both techniques, the curvature and length of the

extensions are adapted according to the desired result and the

size of your eyelashes.

I work with the London Lash Professional brand, it's one of the best brands on the market. their products are of excellent quality and not tested on animals.

The glue used at a very fast drying time, which greatly reduces the risk of allergies, its black color makes it invisible, it is also ...

Latex-free, Formaldehyde-free, Paraben-free, Water resistant, Humidity resistant, Heat resistant


All eyelashes are made of synthetic material so are completely free of animal derivatives and hypoallergenic.



Will installing extensions will damage my eyelashes?

If the installation and alterations are carried out in the rules of the art and with products of good quality, no. It is also very important to properly maintain your extensions.


What is the difference between a pose of 1:30 and 2:00?

More time is more extensions. So a pose of 1:30 will give a lighter result than a 2:00 pose. If you want an intense, glamorous result, for a wedding for example, opt for a pose of 2:00.



A touch up every 3 weeks maximum, is essential to keep your pose harmonious.

Beyond this period a new pose is necessary.


You did a pose / editing elsewhere ...

And you would like to come to Studio Lashes & Brows for your next appointments? It's possible.

However for your first visit, it is essential to make an appointment for a removal and a pose.


Are there risks of allergies?

In almost 3 years, I found exactly 3 cases of allergies. Which is therefore extremely little. I use a glue of excellent quality, and I work with precision to reduce what to the minimum, but it exists, as for each product of cosmetics or care that is applied on his face.


I'm pregnant, is I able to put extensions?

There is no contraindication, however if this is the first time the only risk is not being able to take medicine in case of allergy.



How do I maintain my extensions? The golden rules to preserve your eyelashes and extensions:

- Clean / Remove daily your eyes.

- Brush morning and evening your extensions, only on previously dried eyelashes.

- Use a cleanser suitable for extensions, that is to say without oil and water-based. We offer a soap for sale, micellar water is also a suitable product.

- Do not touch, pull, ... your extensions.

- Do not apply mascara on your extensions.

- Never remove your extensions yourself. A deposit costs € 30, your eyelashes are well worth it!

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