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 Foam cleanser London Lash

Foam cleanser London Lash

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Preserve the hold of your extensions and the health of your eyelashes with this foam cleanser developed by London Lash. This foam cleanser removes make-up, cream, serums, etc. residue and keeps your eyelashes perfectly clean

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    One of the most common reasons for poor wear of your extensions is the use of an unsuitable cleanser or insufficient cleaning or makeup removal from your eyes / extensions.

    Regular washing of the eyelashes with eyelash shampoo has been shown to improve retention by at least 20%. It also helps maintain eye hygiene and avoid infections like blepharitis.

    How to use :

    Several options are available to you,

    • Place a dab of cleansing foam on your fingertips and apply to your extensions, eyes closed and perform up and down movements, without turning.
    • Take a dab of mousse on a brush or disposable lipstick applicator and gently massage into the lash line.

    Rinse off with plenty of cold or lukewarm water or saline solution. Make sure to completely rinse off the lash cleansing foam with water! There should be no soap residue left.

    Pat dry after rinsing, once dry brush your eyelashes / extensions



    One of the ingredients in the foaming cleanser is tea tree extract. Tea tree oil has the antibacterial quality to prevent common eye conditions like blepharitis, however, it could cause irritation to sensitive eyes.

    Vegan, cruelty free, free from parabens, gluten, collagen and guanine

    Capacity: 50ml

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