The eyebrows are the basis of the architecture of your face, a harmonious line of eyebrows adapted to your face will emphasize your look and give character to your entire face.


The dyeing of the eyebrows with henna is totally different from a classic coloring, the henna colors the hairs but also the skin.

We can really change the shape of the eyebrow, but also restore the thickness of eyebrows too shaved, too thin, too short, or sparse.





No need to draw your eyebrows in pencil or powder every morning, the eyebrow dye guarantees a perfect line for up to 4 weeks! 100% natural and very gentle method.

The henna technique offers an excellent compromise, in terms of dress and budget, between daytime make-up products and long-lasting tattoos.

The wide range of shades from blond to black, suitable for all shades of skin and hair.

The henna used is specific to the dyeing of the eyebrows, so there is NO risk of orange reflection.



- It is essential to perform an allergy test at least 48 hours before your appointment. If no redness or reaction is visible within 48 hours, you can do the dyeing. This one is free and you can book HERE.

- Do not panic, the result right after the application is always a little darker it's normal! During the first 48 hours the hue will lose 30% of its intensity.

- The outfit varies from one person, from one skin to another. On the hair up to 4 weeks. On the skin up to 10 days. If your outfit is fat, the dress will not be good on the skin but no problem on the hair.


BEFORE & AFTER your appointment

- The day before your appointment, do a light scrub of your eyebrows.

- D-Day does not make up your eyebrows (no pencils, powder, foundation, ...)

- During the 24 hours after dyeing, do not wet, soap, ... your eyebrows.


Eyebrow removal at Studio Lashes & Brows is done only with tweezers.

Which appointment to choose between hair removal or restructuring? If it's a maintenance of form, opt for hair removal. If now your eyebrows are in battle, there are too many, everywhere, ... then a restructuring.

It is of course useless to choose a restructuring if you have 4 lonely hair ;-)

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