AAaaah, when you create your site and you come to this page where the idea is to talk about you!

Difficult exercise :-) So I'll make it simple ...


After studying at Saint-Luc and at the Beaux-Arts in Brussels, I followed a makeup training at Mr. Jean-Pierre Finotto.


I worked eight years in the field of analog photography and as an artist makeup.


Then five years in a marketing and communication company.


The happy coincidence then led me to the hotel business, for more than two years I was manager of a beautiful boutique hotel in Brussels. I loved this job!


And then, I thought that working for me was actually the thing I wanted.

I searched for a domain that I liked and that corresponded

to my lifestyle.


And here I am determined to become Lash Artist. In 2016 after a

series of eyelash training, management, hygiene, hours of

practical and super girlfriends always ready to be my

Models, I have become Artist of the look!



See you soon I hope to highlight your look ;-)




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